6 Things Every Teen Should Know About Anxiety

Each person reaches the sensitive teenage years during adolescence when emotional and mental changes could trigger many mental health issues, one of which is anxiety disorder. Recently, there has been a steady rise in number of teens struggling with anxiety disorder which could either be one of the different forms such as generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety or panic disorder, just to name a common few.

This indicates the need to instill awareness about the nature of this mental illness. Here are the 6 things about anxiety that every teenager should know:

  1. Difference between anxiety and anxiety disorder

With everyday encounters and challenges, anxiety could easily creep up to a person. It is totally normal and as a matter of fact, it helps with the adrenaline rush but that is where the normal anxiety ends. When instead of driving a person to action, the anxiety cripples and completely becomes a burden, and then it is a disorder. This is the right time to call for help from a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

  1. Keep your support system open

When the going gets tough, you always have your family and friends to help you get by. Being able to open up about your emotions to someone you trust instead of keeping it all inside, greatly helps in lightening the emotional load.

  1. Remember to rest

Struggling with anxiety disorder can be quite a battle which consumes a lot of energy. Recharging is best achieved through rest. Too much pressure is the last thing you need to avoid panic attacks. All work and no play make a person dull. Be sure to get enough sleep and to find solitude whenever you can. A simple mindful exercise or a moment of silence each day can keep the anxiety monster at bay.

  1. Turning to substance abuse does not solve anything

Alcohol and other psychedelic drugs offer a sweet escape from reality and could even enhance your confidence. This is a very tempting way of getting rid of anxiety but in reality, substance abuse only leads to worse problems. Avoid resorting to substance use because this has a very great potential of leading you into abuse.

  1. You are not the only one

Feeling entirely alone in your struggle can increase your anxiety and depression. This is the usual dilemma of a teenager and a person diagnosed with anxiety disorder. They think others cannot understand them and that they are alone in the world to face this terrible monster inside them. It is important to let these young people realize that there are many others out there suffering from the same mental illness.

  1. There is a treatment

Anxiety disorder is a mental illness and it definitely, has a cure. When your anxiety reaches the point of turning into a full-blown disorder, don’t hesitate to ask for help from mental health professionals. Always remember, it is nothing different than a mental illness and is curable.

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