• Caffeine_Anxiety


    Ever noticed the rising heart rate and the adrenaline rush after having a cup of that smooth Americano or Espresso? Most of the time, this is the desirable effect of caffeine – Heightened alertness, faster brain processing and energy boost among many others. But sooner ... Read More.

  • Natural_Remedies

    Natural Remedies for Anxiety

    Whenever Anxiety strikes you, you may control the situation without any medication. There are many safe natural ways, including non-drug remedies and supplements, through which you can get fast relief without medication or without visiting a doctor. Let us have a look at the various ... Read More.

  • Can Constant Pressure for Being a Perfectionist Lead to Anxiety2

    Can Constant Pressure for Being a Perfectionist Lead to Anxiety?

    There has always been certain trace of uneasiness when anybody points out flaws or errors in our behavior or work. We attain to get the best out of us every time. At times, situations do test us for our patience to work under pressure. However, ... Read More.


    Ever Wonder if You can Calm your Anxiety?

    Well, it may sound absolutely unrealistic but ‘Anxiety’ is something you can get hold on quickly. Yes, you read it right! You would not be able to cure it in a single day but there surely are ways that can help you calm down to ... Read More.

  • GAD

    Treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder

    Generalized Anxiety Disorder is precisely the mental condition that is characterized by excessive, persistent and absolutely meaningless worry about everyday life. People suffering from this disorder go through excessive anxiety and expect the worst even in an absolutely normal situation. The continuous anticipation of disaster ... Read More.

  • Social Anxiety Disorder

    Social Anxiety Disorder

    Social Anxiety Disorder (or social phobia) is a type of anxiety disorder wherein a person has excessive and intense fear of certain social situations – this is generally the nervousness that arises from the fear of unfamiliar situations or the situations in which you feel ... Read More.

  • Panic Away

    Panic Away

    Anxiety is a disorder about which only a few have correct information. Most of the people live with the notion that Anxiety is a disease and is incurable but actually it is not a disease rather it’s a disorder that too curable. The others have ... Read More.

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    Anxiety – Surviving the Gift of Fear

    Every fear that we have, no matter to which item or what situation they are connected, is based on survival. Modern anxiety is boldly underlined by the instinctive behavior of the human or even the animal. The roots can date back to the nascent life ... Read More.

  • Bursting Anxiety into Flames with Meditation – Is It True2

    Bursting Anxiety into Flames with Meditation – Is It True?

    When you try to find ways to curb anxiety across the web, you will find a number of reasons including meditation. It is said all over the internet that meditation is one of the finest ways to recover our mind, brain, body and soul from ... Read More.

  • Signs_Anxiety

    Signs of Anxiety

    The signs of anxiety are not always very obvious as this condition takes its time to develop slowly. It is also hard to know when anxiety becomes too much as generally we become anxious whenever a stressful situation is faced. Now, facing a stressful situation ... Read More.