Anxiety and Depression are not the signs of being ‘Mad’ – They Are about being ‘Sad’

Anxiety and depression are perhaps the most common mental health issue ignored by the entire world. It is absolutely normal to experience anxiety at any specific time in one’s life and so is depression. But, there are situations when these feelings overpower the mental health and it is at that time when treatment becomes necessary. A recent study reveals that 450,000 people in Ireland have been or had been suffering from mental conditions like extreme anxiety or generalized anxiety disorder. The situation in rest of the world is not much different either.

Mental health is pretty stigmatized all over the world and it is sad to admit that the most advanced societies also consider it to be a taboo. As mentioned, any person can be the victim of issues like anxiety and depression. But in case the condition becomes too serious, the anxiety treatment, with the help of professional experts, can be the correct option. A normal person goes through several phases in life and some of those phases are surely not going to be positive. While facing the negatives, our mind reacts severely and when the exposure to negative situations is prolonged, the reactions are bound to be negative. Even when the ‘bad patch’ is short, the effect may be deep or it might also happen that the victim is mentally very weak and thus cannot withstand the shock. Whatever may be the situation, the ultimate result is mental illness in the form of anxiety and depression. When a person suffers from mental illness like anxiety or depression, it becomes the responsibility of the people around them to understand the tenderness of the situation and provide the necessary help and support.

People who suffer from anxiety or depression are similar to the normal people. They perform all the daily chores; manage their professional and social life. The only difference is that they do these while suppressing their mental situation inside them. When their mental situation shows up, they are considered to be ‘abnormal’ and this is perhaps the prime reason for considering common mental issues of anxiety and depression as taboo. What we fail to understand is that an extremely anxious or depressed person is not ‘mad’, but is actually too ‘sad’ for not being able to cope with the pressures of life. People with anxiety disorders are always afraid of losing their social status, profession, and relations. They have to work hard as any normal person but with the extra burden of keeping their mental status hidden. This excess pressure makes them sad because they really cannot make out why they are bound to bear the extra load.

It is high time that the entire world look at the issue of mental illness from an altogether different perspective – like any other physical disease that can be cured with proper treatment. When proper anxiety and depression treatment is provided to the victim, it will become easy for the person to deal with the situation and thus, chances of the absolute cure or at least remission will surely increase.

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