What all your Anxiety might be telling You? Is it Important?

Have you ever wondered if Anxiety is just a symptom to be treated, or a ‘health-seeking signal’ too that help us reconnect with those parts of our past lives that we have either neglected or repressed? At times, our Anxiety might send us important messages directing to heal psycho-emotional wounds sustained in childhood and adolescence, if only we are able and willing to tune in and listen to.

What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is often regarded as an automatic and obvious response to perceived threats. Children who grow up in an environment that is chaotic, unhealthy, traumatic where their fight or flight (arousal) response was frequently activated, are more prone to develop numerous kinds anxiety disorders before they even reach their adulthood. Thus, the physicians and psychiatrists having patients reporting anxiety that that interfere with their daily routine and function of life, prescribe anti-anxiety medication, but they should also recommend their patient to consider getting diagnosed by  a qualified practioneer of Mental Health in order to identify the probable reason and  root cause of the anxiety, that may be emerging from either an early traumatic event happened in the childhood and was unknowingly repressed  or also helps in identifying the other possible alternative causes.

Symptoms Of Anxiety

Though Anxiety can emerge in any form, yet there are very common symptoms associated with this behavioral health disorder. Let us have a look at the various signs that show Anxiety:

  1. Excessive Worry
  2. Irritation
  3. Fatigue
  4. Improper Sleep
  5. Poor Concentration
  6. Restlessness
  7. Extreme apprehension
  8. Digestion Troubles
  9. Muscle Tension
  10. Fatigue

Psychotherapy as a treatment for Chronic Anxiety

Did you know that Anxiety is not always something that needs to be avoided or treated rather there are ways in which Anxiety can benefit a person and help him being curious rather? Yes, you read it right! Anxiety can help you tune into your thoughts, your body languages, body sensations, your feelings and if you are able to connect to yourself and listen to what is happening right in the moment, you might always benefit from Anxiety. Did you notice what actually happens when you feel Anxious? What are your trigger points? Analyze those for your trigger points, your symptoms or your Anxiety Signals might be conveying you something that otherwise would have gone unnoticed!!!

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