Anxiety – Surviving the Gift of Fear

Every fear that we have, no matter to which item or what situation they are connected, is based on survival. Modern anxiety is boldly underlined by the instinctive behavior of the human or even the animal. The roots can date back to the nascent life of individuals when they lived in tribes and ethnic groups. The social communication was not paid much heed. People, although were seen praising for other’s success, the survival instinct through the failures was never been focused. Our ancestors have had drawn a thin line to differentiate between curiosity and anxiety. However, most of the times, it is anxiety that is masked under the name of curiosity every time since ages. Now, when we are entering to an era where civilization and urbanization is given prior importance, the same predisposition of nature is considered to be somewhat irrational or in other words, neurotic.

However, it seems that the nature has profoundly infused the wholesome capacity of anxiety disorders in us. It is better to take safety precautions than being sorry for something that cannot be undone. That practically means that we can hint the path of any anxiety disorder to its origin.

People tend to have various fears such as Agoraphobia, fear of height and OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). To be more precise, post – traumatic stress can also be termed as a disorder. We can trace the origin of each anxiety disorder to history and the people living in that era. The worries of the tribes must have simply structured each of the disasters / calamities as disorders.

The different levels and types of anxiety disorders have been linked with the genetic heritage. Accepting the fear as a gift instead of considering anxiety as a guilt or shame is no longer needed. Almost each one of us is born with one or the other fear. It is not necessary that each of the fears must empower us for the lifetime. You can turn yourself to take them as a gift and use the only at times of actual danger. This might sound a little impossible. However, the fears that you had in your childhood no more traumatize you as you grew older because you have understood the situation, worked upon to apply logic and came to a conclusion that there is no need to pay heed to that typical sort of anxiety disorder. The fear is not posing any threat to our nature or life. Hence, it can be easily survived.

Experience is another important factor that has helped every individual to overcome anxiety since ages. ‘The fears can be easily abandoned than being afraid of it’ is the only mantra that experience has made us chant for years. The study and the research say that even the region where the person dwells plays an important part in building anxiety disorders. Children in the rural area tend to be easy with water and height. However, the case is exactly opposite when it comes to children born and brought up in urban civilization. As kids from remote areas tend to swim in lakes frequently and stay at hill – tops, they do not consider their routine as fear. However, when the urbane population is considered, there is hardly any nature to nurture every day and the lives of people in civilized areas run at the pace of the clock to make them swim in lakes or climb the hill – tops as recreational activities.

It is usually manipulated that people who meet with accidents frequently are always anxious of riding their vehicles. However, the truth is exactly opposite as people who have already survived the incidents take complete precautions to avoid falling for such situations the next time and accepting their anxiety as a gift to correct themselves.

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