Can Constant Pressure for Being a Perfectionist Lead to Anxiety?

There has always been certain trace of uneasiness when anybody points out flaws or errors in our behavior or work. We attain to get the best out of us every time. At times, situations do test us for our patience to work under pressure. However, does constant pressure in becoming a perfectionist can lead us to some terrible anxiety disorders? Can pressing a little more each time to go beyond the limits and prove ourselves break us down with anxiety?

During you are working for any job, it is often seen that you may have to revise the same data by analyzing it a little more each time. The situation always seems to be a pressurized one if you are pulling it on yourself. No job and no work can be perfect. It is all about perception. If you have put in the right efforts and placed the things in the right manner, nothing is wrong. At the same time, if somebody else is trying to tell you that your work accomplished is not right, it is your duty to understand what exactly the perception of the person is and then try to reframe the work in his way.

Being constantly nervous to deal with any person with respect to any environment can make you more anxious than ever before. Once you start staying anxious with make you habitual to the condition and slowly degrade your chance to live life without any constant pressure to perfectionism.

Most of the times we see people complaining as ‘No matter what I do or how better I perform, I am never appreciated’. This tends them to keep underestimating their work and regarding their future to be bad always. Even if the outcome had been in their favor, those people try to pull the negative traits that it may have and keep blaming themselves for the same. This literally makes them degrade their performance and show nothing but signs of bad mental health. The self – esteem is bombarded with continual negative thoughts and there is no energy left for the brain to excel in whatever task the person takes.

Each of the situations that we come across can be handled in fun, competent and smart way. None of the jobs ever pressurizes you to transform yourself in perfectionism. It is always the mind and the body that has to be led on with good and vital thoughts that can keep them happy and green. Constantly thinking of not being perfect and cursing always to perform better although you have given your best will only make you grow with anxiety and depression.

Hence, it is always advisable to believe in yourself and make the best out of your job or anything you do. Not being perfect does not mean you have stay in constant trauma and hammer yourself for being less valuable. Nobody is perfect in the world. Even the hardest tasks can be achieved with a smile on the face and leaving any traces of anxiety behind. Instead of using ‘never’, ‘no’ or ‘cannot’, always take help of words like ‘always’, ‘yes’ and ‘will’. Nothing can push you to sustain with anxiety or depression as you are already perfect!

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