• a_lifestyle_that_includes_daily_exercise_has_many_healthy_benefits2

    How Exercise Treats Anxiety and Prevents Anxiety Attacks

    Have you every how exercise scientifically helps you treat your anxiety disorder? Here is a study that explains what exercise does to your body to improve your mood and overall mental health. The Studies Several studies have demonstrated short bouts of aerobic exercise as effective ... Read More.

  • aroma

    Treating Your Anxiety with Aromatherapy

      Aromatherapy is an alternate form of meditation. Aromatherapy is a great natural remedy for anxiety and preventing anxiety attacks! Aromatherapy is a type of herbal medicine that uses plant based essential oils for their natural healing properties. Aromatherapy is widely used to reduce stress, ... Read More.

  • Anxiety-Attack-Symptoms

    Anxiety Attack Symptoms

    There are 2 types of anxiety attack symptoms. One, that a victim can identify personally while the others are those which a victim cannot understand. Those who are not able to understand their anxiety attack symptoms need other people to help them cope with the ... Read More.

  • Symptoms-of-Anxiety-revised

    Symptoms of Anxiety Attacks

    We are humans- always surrounded by a bunch of emotions and sentiments! Whether it is about facing an interview, appearing in a tough exam or about going for a blind date, we are always bounded by fears, worries, and tensions or say anxiety. Anxiety is ... Read More.

  • eating with anxiety

    The Struggles of Eating with Anxiety

    Imagine being served with the most sumptuous dish. It can be a plate of the choicest steak served with the finest wine. It can also be a healthful plate of garden salad. You would probably want to dig in and savor each bite but suddenly, ... Read More.

  • LouieSpence-Speaks_on_Anxiety

    Louie Spence Opens Up on his struggle with Anxiety

    The 47 years old professional dancer and TV personality, Louie Spence recently revealed how he has been suffering from panic attacks since he was young and how this has worsened following the death of his mother, Pat, back in 2012. Louie describes having suffered from ... Read More.

  • Anxiety_Tells_You

    What all your Anxiety might be telling You? Is it Important?

    Have you ever wondered if Anxiety is just a symptom to be treated, or a ‘health-seeking signal’ too that help us reconnect with those parts of our past lives that we have either neglected or repressed? At times, our Anxiety might send us important messages ... Read More.

  • Natural_Remedies

    Natural Remedies for Anxiety

    Whenever Anxiety strikes you, you may control the situation without any medication. There are many safe natural ways, including non-drug remedies and supplements, through which you can get fast relief without medication or without visiting a doctor. Let us have a look at the various ... Read More.

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    Is Dealing with Automatic Negative Thoughts Easy?

    “Nothing is impossible in the world because the word ‘impossible’ itself says I M Possible”, you must have heard this saying many a times. But, have you ever thought of following it completely? Did you think of using the phrase in a situation that has ... Read More.