Ever Wonder if You can Calm your Anxiety?

Well, it may sound absolutely unrealistic but ‘Anxiety’ is something you can get hold on quickly. Yes, you read it right! You would not be able to cure it in a single day but there surely are ways that can help you calm down to your anxiety to an extent that it does not affect you much. All you need to have is the right methods and tools that can help you fight your anxiety. Everyone suffers with an altogether different Anxiety disorder and so will be the approach in order to prevent your anxiety affect you.

Let us have a look at the various strategies that can help you Calm your Anxiety:

  1. Identify the symptoms:

First and foremost, identify the symptoms that cause anxiety in you. It is the key to attack anxiety. Only when you are able to provide relief to your symptoms, you can calm your anxiety down.

  1. Exercise:

Before you hop on to any other thing, start with physical exercise, much specifically jogging. You would be surprised to hear that jogging provides the similar beneficial effects as the medications of anxiety, that too with no side effect. The basic logic behind this that Jogging helps improves mental health. It relaxes the muscles, burns away the stress, improves sleep, and provides mental distractions.

  1. Breathing Control:

Have you ever noticed your breathing pattern when you suffer from anxiety? Just try noticing and you will find that either you’re not getting a deep breath or you are breathing too quickly. These create hyperventilation which causes physical anxiety. So start breathing better. Take control of your breathing and practice deep breathing to calm down your anxiety.

  1. Sensory Stimulation:

Did you know that more the technology, more the anxiety! Yes, this holds true for technological innovations like gadgets are all known to increase anxiety but you can even benefit from the sensory stimulations of these technological advancements. Anxiety makes your mind your biggest enemy. Distract yourself mentally by surrounding with such innovations or performing healthy activities can help you distract yourself from the anxiety. But be selective while choosing the appropriate piece of technology. It should be something focusing on happiness, delight and relaxation and nothing sort of dramas, horror shows or violent music.

  1. Keeping a Note:

It may sound childish to you but keeping a note of your thoughts in writing is amazingly therapeutic. What happens is that whenever the mind tries to remember the things or have negative feelings, it feels stress. So, whenever you feel so, jot down on a piece of paper and believe me this will help you calm your anxiety to a great extent. This is because the mind gets the message that it need not focus on such thoughts anymore, and this will reduce your anxiety.

  1. Accept your Anxiety:

Don’t ever try to fight your anxiety for it will create more of it. Ironically, the act of trying to fight anxiety creates anxiety. Anxiety can well be calmed and controlled if accepted. Accept your anxiety and acknowledge the fact that it is something that is temporary and is not going to affect you forever. So, don’t be mad over it and accept it with patience.

Thus, if you combine all these strategies and integrate them into your life, you would definitely see the reduction in your anxiety levels.

Wish you all the good luck and an anxiety free lifestyle!


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