5 Tips to Prevent Holiday Travel Anxiety

As the winter holidays are edging closer and closer, you may be experiencing some feelings of anxiety. You may have some plans to travel, to prepare a large meal, to meet family and friends and do some last-minute shopping. Possibly you have just gone through a tough semester of high school or college and finals week is super hectic. If you are still going through with finals this week. Here is a post to help deal with it here. Before you can even fully recover from finals you must now deal with the holidays. The holidays can be a relaxing time. To help make sure that we enjoy ourselves to the fullest this holiday season, here is a series on how to survive the holiday!This article will give you tips on how to plan and travel for the holidays safely and prevent travel anxiety.

  1. Make a Checklist

Having anxiety should not stop you from pursuing your desire to travel. It is best to carefully plan your trip so that things go smoothly and you are stress free. Prepare a checklist of everything you will need to trip, clothing, shoes, medicine, toothbrushes, soap and other grooming products etc. Slowly begin packing a few days before the trip rather than all at once. Rushing to pack your luggage can trigger anxiety attacks. Always remember to label your luggage to make them easier to locate. Set alarms on your phone so that you do not miss appointments.

2. Confirm your Transportation

Make sure to double check your transportation carefully, confirm your flight, bus, or train tickets the day before the trip to make sure it isn’t cancelled. Make sure you have your ID card and passport if you are leaving the country. If travelling by car, make sure to have the car checked out so that it runs popularly the trip. Knowing that you are riding in a trustworthy vehicle takes away a lot of travel anxiety.

3. Bring Entertainment

Bring a good book a favorite magazine or games and movies on your tablet, to pass the time and distract you from feeling nervous. If you have a fear of flying, bringing entertainment to distract your thoughts from negative things.

4. Confirm your Reservations

If you will not be staying at a family member’s home, make sure to contact your lodging and check if the reservation is still available for you. Always have alternative options ready before you get to your destination. If something comes up at the establishment when you get there or there is something you do not like about the hotel, you can just head to the next choice.

5. Dealing with Traffic

The first important thing you want to do is get plenty of sleep before you start driving. You must be very alert. Do not try to drive without stopping, stop at a rest area, restaurant or store and refresh yourself then continue your drive. If you are going on a road trip it is a good idea to bring snacks and plenty of water with you. Dehydration causes anxiety to get worse so drink water before your trip. Snacks such as fruits and vegetables are perfect for getting your energy up during long trip. Bring your own pillows and blankets in case there is a lot of snow and your car gets stuck for a while. If this happens do NOT leave the car, just call for help with your cellphone.

If you able to take the back roads, then try take those routes instead to help prevent travel anxiety brought on by heavy traffic. You are less likely to deal with aggressive drivers and confrontation with rude people. Sometimes different routes are more scenic. Beautiful scenery can be very calming and relaxing. However, if you feel that you will get lost, then stay on the main highways. It is a good idea to invest in a GPS system for your car.

Traveling can be a fun and relaxing experience! When we are prepared for things that could go wrong, we can help prevent travel anxiety.

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