Is Dealing with Automatic Negative Thoughts Easy?

“Nothing is impossible in the world because the word ‘impossible’ itself says I M Possible”, you must have heard this saying many a times. But, have you ever thought of following it completely? Did you think of using the phrase in a situation that has pressurized you to such an extent that each thought which comes to your mind only directs you to negativity?

When you are struck with automatic negative thoughts, you need to immediately stop the thoughts that ignite them. To turn off the engine of these thought processes, shift your focus to something that you will like to work upon or a hobby that usually distracts you easily. That will surely make you focus away from any sort of mind processes which are not healthy for your life, brain, body and soul.

When we have committed any mistake in the past or somebody did not behave properly with us, it is the flood of negative thoughts that automatically swallow the entire positive functionalities of brain. Something that has happened in the past cannot be controlled and planning to forcefully teach the person or oneself a lesson for not behaving properly is completely disagreed and unnecessary. Past is already happened and future is yet to happen. You cannot control any of them. So, why to worry about it and lead ourselves to churn with automatic negative thoughts and burn our minds with anxiety disorders?

It is the human nature to let other people or other things disturb us. However, it is the power of our brain and our mind to let go off things that can demoralize and weaken our thinking to a level where we can do nothing but keep having negative thoughts resurfacing every time. The anxiety disorders that are easily channelized and powered with such ANTs deliberately overblow the normal thought processes and even the best and the most positive thing is considered to be bad and evil.

There are various ways to deal with Automatic Negative Thoughts. However, all starts with you, your brain, your mind, your soul, your strength, your focus and your intensity to eradicate them from their roots. If you think you cannot control, control your body doing things that easily take over your mind. The negative beliefs may turmoil and paralyze you. However, various healing strategies can prove to benefit you positively. Being optimistic is one way to bring the best out of you.

You may think that you are not normal to be imbibed with such negativity. However, it is each one of us who has to deal with ANTs. These ANTs can either eat you up or build a molehill to help you build a mountain and reach the top. If you provide fodder to the former part, you are surely going to lose the battle to anxiety symptoms. On the other hand, if you compliment the latter and build your positivity to overcome the negative emotions, you are always going to see the ‘rise and shine’ part of every situation.

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