Louie Spence Opens Up on his struggle with Anxiety

The 47 years old professional dancer and TV personality, Louie Spence recently revealed how he has been suffering from panic attacks since he was young and how this has worsened following the death of his mother, Pat, back in 2012. Louie describes having suffered from physical anxiety since way before appearing on national TV. These episodes were characterized by panic attacks and palpitations which had cost him many work projects over the years since he eventually had to turn them down.

He is best known for being featured in the show Pineapple Dance Studios back in 2010 along with other crew members in the dance complex of the same name where he was working as the artistic director and the show made him a star and paved the way for more TV projects in reality shows such as Celebrity Big Brother in 2013 and The Jump last year. Louie was also a judge to several TV dance competitions. This extensive TV exposure may lead most people not to think that anxiety could come into the picture and bother Louie Spence who is seen as very flamboyant and confident. He revealed that most people don’t realize that with the rise of his fame also came from his anxiety. He vividly recalls thinking he will pass out during a panic attack on live TV for Dancing on Ice.

Although he has dealt with anxiety for most of his life, nothing prepared Louie for the emotional toll he had to face back in 2012 when he lost his mother, Pat, who was seen alongside him in one of the episodes of the reality TV show. His mother’s passing away has become the primary cause for his condition to get worse. Louie told reporters that he was highly consumed with grief and lost the person he was. He began withdrawing from the limelight and losing the motivation and appeal in his work.

Thankfully, Louie went to seek help from doctors for his anxiety treatment. He has since then been under medication and is finally back on track. Aside from anti-depressants and anxiety medications, he had previously revealed during interviews that he also undergoes hypnotherapy to deal with his panic attacks on check. Hypnotherapy helps treat people suffering from anxiety by training the brain of the person to stay calm, in whichever situation, which could eventually lead to full panic attacks. Louie has had a tremendous improvement since undergoing anxiety treatment and even went further to say he knows he is not going to die. Anxiety has become the primary cause for his condition to get worse.

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