My Anxiety Story

Well, you might be thinking who am I and why have I created this site. Ok, let me share my story with you and before I get into why I created this site, let me tell you about who I am!

My name is Stephen and I’m 23 years old. I suffer from serve anxiety and panic attacks and this is something I’ve dealt with for the past 7 years, ever since I was a young teen! It’s been hard but through numerous techniques and daily routines I’ve learned to coup up with it. I wouldn’t say it’s gone because it would never will be, but I have learned how to create my path to a healthier life, and I want to share ways to beat anxiety and take back your life like I did. I’m no doctor, I don’t have a PHD, but living with serve anxiety and panic attacks most of my life has really taught me about all aspects of anxiety. In school I suffered from social anxiety, being a very shy and awkward kid. I did have friends, but people who didn’t know me well would think I’m weird. As I got older I learned many ways to help with my anxiety medication, therapy, and exercise. Don’t get me wrong it all helped but I was still that anxious kid until I started to change my mindset.

My Story_Stephen

My Story_Stephen

I didn’t really ever experience any anxiety till I was in high school. I got really sick and had to miss months of school. When I got back to routine, I don’t know why it was but I was always anxious about the littlest things. It might be because I missed so much of my freshman year that I had no clue what high school was like! I always thought to fit into the category of that cool kid whom everybody would like to follow. I tried that and it only made things worse because I was trying to pretend to be someone I wasn’t. Let me just go off the topic for a second but here’s a little advice – You should feel great in your own skin, feel confident and should always tell yourself that I’m alive today and I’m healthy even with my issues. It is just about honoring the person you are!

Well coming back to where I left! I was a good looking kid, at least that’s’ what my Mom always said! I didn’t do bad with the girls either, but something inside me always had this anxious button turned on! That’s when I found a huge part of my life – the Gym. Something about working out and letting out steam, closing my mind with only the music playing always seemed to help. It became a daily routine for me. Right after school, I would ride my bike to LA Fitness and turn off the anxious thoughts and become one with myself.

One thing I learned during my journey to beating anxiety is that if you start understanding your anxiety, you will be in a better position to know what to do when you start feeling anxious. A lot of outsiders don’t understand what we go through, they never will. It’s like a road block in your mind that turns on and stops you from achieving a lot of things you want to do in life, and trust me, It’s not easy, It’s very hard!

When Anxiety triggers you, your thought process turns on and you start questioning yourself. Can people see that I have anxiety? Do I have something in my teeth? What if I say something wrong and they laugh? All this is, is anxiety and let me tell you it sucks, it sucks hard. The one thing about anxiety that has always affected me is Overthinking that eventually lead to depression. Even when I knew that such thoughts were nonsense and nothing like this would happen, still it wouldn’t stop me from having them!

Anxiety will always be a part of my life, but I’ll never let it take over my life. It’s a road block but nothing that will keep me living from a successful life. If any of you want to ever talk just message me on here or reply to this thread, I will be on here most of the time. You’re not alone we all go through the same thing.

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