Things NOT to Do on New Year’s with Anxiety

We talked about preparing for the holidays with anxiety, but what about preparing for a whole new year? Not only is New Year’s Eve and Day another big social holiday event, but there are a lot of implications that come with a new year. People expect people to make life changing decisions or they vow to keep promises that are difficult to keep.

Do not feel pressured to socialize with large groups of people

If you do not feel up with meeting with a group of people this New Year’s Eve, then do not feel pressured to go do so. A nice comfortable time at home waiting for the new year is perfectly normal and relaxing. If you do choose to go to a party, never be afraid to step away or excuse yourself from the party to recharge your mental battery. This will help prevent new year’s anxiety.

Do not make New Year’s resolutions if you do not want to

Many people feel pressured to make revolutions every year. This can be a major cause of new year’s anxiety. Do away with revolutions all together and just work on improving yourself without worry about feeling like you are failing yourself. Remember every small you take is a big step in changing your life. For example; if you want to start going to the gym three times a week starting the first week of January, that may not happen. To avoid making empty promises, consider that even though you want to go three times a week. Going even one day a week is a huge step in self-improvement.

Do not focus on the past

Do not focus on the past mistakes or bad things that happened to you this year, it will only fester in your mind and hold you back. It’s a new year and time to let it go and begin anew. If you must reflect on the past, do not do so in a way that will make you feel bad or hopeless. Use the reflection to find out ways to improve your life and empower you. Consider a statement piece to wear that can always remind you to never focus on the past. Awkwardly Social’s “Never Look Back” Bangle is perfect for this.

Do not worry about the future

Many of us are chronic worriers to the point it physically makes us sick, and aggravates our anxiety. Worrying about the future brings on unnecessary stress. It is good to make plans and set goals to work toward, but remember to take things one day at a time. As the old saying goes, slow and steady wins the race. You will definitely accomplish everything you dream of with your efforts and proper preparations. Sometimes things just have their way of working out for the best.

Do not trying to please others

Aim to please yourself first and foremost. For example; if you are student wondering what you should study in college or if you should even go, follow your own desire rather looking to impress your family or whoever. It will save you a lot of trouble and stress later. Focus on changing things about yourself because you want to. It is okay to consider advice, but do not change because someone wants you to. Otherwise you will feel like you are being forced and that causes you more stress. The most stress you have the more anxiety kicks in. So do things at your own pace!

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