Panic Attacks nearly killed Peter Andre’s life and career

Panic Attacks nearly killed Peter Andre’s life and career: A reminder that celebrities are not free from this vice

Generalized anxiety disorder can be devastating for any person and this fact applies to people of every stratum of the society. We might have the notion that people who are very successful in life are safe from panic attacks, but the reality is entirely different. Those who are successful are extremely vulnerable to this kind of mental illness because of the fact that they are continuously under the pressure of losing what they have achieved. The situation worsens as everyone else considers them to be ‘superhuman beings’ and thus, they are not able to express their feelings like common men.

Peter Andre is one of the most popular singers in the world and it is through a recent interview with the singer that we came to know that he too was a victim of anxiety and depression and had frequent panic attacks. According to Peter, the worst situation of his life was during the time when he was in his thirties and at the time had already climbed to the peak of his successful career. Having tasted absolute success in his twenties and then developing the feeling of extreme anxiety in his thirties can be termed as the true case of ‘midlife crisis’. According to mental health professionals, the midlife crisis can occur anywhere between the age of 37 and 50, but it is not uncommon to notice this situation in people below or above this age limit. The prime thing about this type of generalized anxiety disorder is that the victim begins to re-evaluate the priorities, goals, and achievements in his or her life. The outcome of the re-evaluation is never satisfactory and makes the person think that major part of the life has been wasted and perhaps there is no way to recover. Loss of a close person often triggers the disorder. Now, all these feelings and their consequences vary from person to person but the positive thing is that majority of the victims come out of the situation with the help of professionals or simply in the due course of time. The aid of professionals (psychiatrist or counselors) become necessary when the disorder is severe; else time acts to be the best healer.

In the case of Peter Andre, having the extreme success in his music career led him to feel insecure about his coming days. The death of his brother triggered the anxiety disorder in Peter and he admits that the only thought to occupy his mind at that time was that he was going to die. It really did not matter to him even when all doctors repeatedly confirmed that his health was perfect. The thought and fear of ‘I am going to die’ are enough to paralyze a person’s entire existence and is most damaging for anyone who is creative. Peter was lucky to have the help of his counselor; Peter managed to overcome his anxiety and panic attacks and is now back to normal life. He mentions that the ups and downs of his life and career remain in their own place, but now he is able to deal with them without fear!

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