Do you really want to Stop Anxiety Attacks?

Anxiety Attack is unarguably a common problem shared by millions of people across the globe.  They suffer in relative silence and express their symptoms and triggers to the loved ones. Don’t get me wrong, anxiety in moderation is healthy and sharpen our bodies’ natural response to danger keeping us in check.  Anxiety is after all, a bi-product of pressure, stress or when we feel threatened. Yet, when anxiety is perpetual and, it stops normal functions and interferes with our relationships and life balance. When we cross this line, anxiety becomes toxic and productive.

There are many ways of reducing and living with anxiety yet, if you want it to be gone from your life, you need to pledge to a longer term strategy and be committed with your approach to it.

Methods being used today:

  • PBD (Positive thinking, Breathing and Distraction):

Positive thinking helps a person. When you think positive, it’s like the laws of the universe are in step with you.  Feel good about you, listen to music and do those things that get you into a good mood.  Instead of locking yourself away and constantly churning over the ‘what if’s’ and ‘how can’s’, live your life through positive thoughts!

  • CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy):

This is unarguably one of the most effective ways of stopping anxiety attacks.  It takes you through experiencing ‘the panic’ and goes through a number of situational scenarios allowing you to be free of anxiety in the moment. Panic comes from fear and this therapy aims to eliminate the anxiety attack so you can go into auto-pilot through coping methods.

  • Automated Relaxation Response:

This therapy takes you through a process of progressive muscle relaxation exercises.  As you know, when we have anxiety attacks our muscles tighten and this process starts from the head to toe.  The process helps us relax group muscles and after time just exhaling and telling ourselves relax breaks down the reactive panic response.

  • A short term method that works for all is a distractive method whereby you can tap your chest or hand that distracts the mind from the panic, bringing you back to a normal disposition overriding the breathing. Our breathing patterns start going sharp and shallow when an attack occurs. Thus, you should train yourself to take longer breaths or use a brown bag to regulate longer breaths that elevate the attack and helps relax the body. Anxiety does not exist in a relaxed and calm body so we need to train ourselves to reach this plateau!

All of us are different, no one person is the same, yet one should strive to understand the source of his anxiety.  Is it self-belief, or the fear of standing out, speaking out? All of us have our own causes, and no one treatment can work for all.  Find your own answers and be guided by your own path to stop anxiety in your life once and for all.

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