Symptoms of Anxiety Attacks

We are humans- always surrounded by a bunch of emotions and sentiments! Whether it is about facing an interview, appearing in a tough exam or about going for a blind date, we are always bounded by fears, worries, and tensions or say anxiety. Anxiety is a feeling, an emotion that leads to nervousness, fear, apprehension and worries. It is our natural response to danger or an unpleasant situation, an automatic alarm that intimates us when we are under pressure, threatened or face a stressful situation. However, in this fast-paced and competitive world, anxiety is not always a dreadful element; it can help you stay alert, motivate you to manage with the problems and spur you to action. But, when this emotion interferes with your relationships and errands, it transforms into the territory of anxiety disorders and attacks. Unsurprisingly, these anxiety attack symptoms are threatening and can be very harmful for the victim.

When talked about anxiety attacks, it usually peaks within ten minutes and hardly lasts for more than 10 minutes. However, during that short span of time, the terror can be very harmful and severe as the person who witnesses it completely loses control. Anxiety attack symptoms are really awful, intense and frightening and usually out of our control and unmanageable. It leaves an unforgettable mark on the mind of the patient and makes him or her prone to such panic attacks in future. Here is the list of some of the symptoms of anxiety attacks:

  1. Palpitations
  2. Sweating
  3. Trembling
  4. Chest pain
  5. Nausea and stomach cramps
  6. Dizziness and Numbness
  7. Shortness of breath
  8. Sense of choking
  9. Hyperventilation
  10. Feeling detached or unreal

Furthermore, the best part about anxiety attack symptoms is that these are highly treatable and those who are going through such problems should undergo 5 to 8 treatment sessions to get back to the normal condition. Stress and tensions when surround the human body completely, it takes a form of anxiety and thereafter leaves a very bad influence on their health. Apart from the aforementioned points, some of the other anxiety attack symptoms are all inclusive of fatigue or insomnia, headache, tensed muscles, restlessness, vomiting, unsteadiness, increase or  decrease in blood pressure and so on.

In this modern world where adolescents are busy with their studies and competitive exams and youth is stuck in the web of nerve-racking jobs and schedules, we never know when and how is anxiety affecting a vast number of people around the planet. Awareness can do wonders in minimizing the risks of such attacks and hence can create a healthy and stress-free environment around us! If you or your friends or relatives are witnessing such anxiety attack symptoms, then it’s high time! You should undoubtedly take assistance from a reliable professional who can understand your problems and provide you the reliable and best possible solution. Overlooking these symptoms can create a great health problem for the future.

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