• Guilt and Anxiety

    Guilt and Anxiety – a Vicious Pair of Threats to Mental Health

    Inadvertently incurring violations or causing distress to others can take a toll on a person emotionally. That seemingly nagging voice in your head and that sort of heavy feeling that you feel when you do something wrong is called guilt. It’s something like an emotional ... Read More.

  • Things_teen_should_know_about_anxiety

    6 Things Every Teen Should Know About Anxiety

    Each person reaches the sensitive teenage years during adolescence when emotional and mental changes could trigger many mental health issues, one of which is anxiety disorder. Recently, there has been a steady rise in number of teens struggling with anxiety disorder which could either be ... Read More.

  • Symptoms_Anxiety_Attacks

    Symptoms of Anxiety Attacks

    It is normal to feel anxious when you are in a challenging situation. It may be a job interview or as simple as a blind date. In such cases, we know that we are about to face a trouble situation and the anxiety actually helps ... Read More.